What is Hazard Communication (Hazcom)?

Overview - What is Hazcom?

Hazard Communication, also shortened to Hazcom, is a system of communicating the danger or risk associated with a situation, energy source, material, or chemical.

These communications can take the form of warning labels, written procedures, safety training, and more depending on the specific hazard and regulations being followed.

Workplace Chemical Safety

The United States OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is covered in 29 CFR 1910.1200 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The purpose of the HCS is to ensure the proper classification of potential hazards of a chemical and the proper communication of information pertaining to any hazards. This safety information is focused on workplace safety, including chemical manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

Classification of Hazardous Chemicals

Chemical manufacturers and importers are responsible for classifying chemicals. Foreign manufacturers are not responsible for the classification of chemicals imported into the United States. Classification is the responsibility of the American business.

The specific criteria for classifying Health Hazards are in Appendix A. The specific criteria for classifying Physical Hazards are in Appendix B.

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